Gemma Atkinson responds to concerns about letting dogs near her daughter 1 year ago

Gemma Atkinson responds to concerns about letting dogs near her daughter

She said the dogs are part of their family.

Gemma Atkinson has responded to concerns about her daughter Mia and their dogs.

She has often been met with backlash over letting her little girl so close to her two dogs.

However, the former Emmerdale star said they're part of their family.

"From the minute I was pregnant some people asked what would happen to Norman & Ollie. My reply was always “huh?” Nothing would happen other than we’d have a new pack member to love and care for.

"They are family as well and they are so loved by all of us," she explained.

She said their dogs are safe and have always been careful around her daughter Mia.

"I’ve tried to make sure they haven’t ever felt left out or unloved since Mia arrived," Gemma explained.


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"In fact, it was Norman & Ollie who many times kept me company on night feeds, sat by my feet or next to me reassuring me we were ok."

Just like her mum, Mia has a special bond with their dogs. She said both dogs are key members of her family.

"Mia's bond with them gets stronger every day and I’m so happy with the little family unit we have together."

"Helping to feed, walk and bath them teaches responsibility, and her compassion and empathy I'm sure is part because of them also.

"I loved growing up with a dog and I know Mia does too," she added.

Many users agreed that having a dog around their children only made their childhood happier.

One even shared, "My parents got a lab before they had me, her name was Sophie. She used to sit under my pram in the garden and was always with me… and my first word was Sophie."