Here's how you and the kids can track Santa's journey tonight 11 months ago

Here's how you and the kids can track Santa's journey tonight

He's on his way, lads.

If there's one thing we love more than spending Christmas day with our kids, it's spending Christmas eve with our kids.

All the excitement and anticipation and hoping that they've left enough carrots out for Rudolph is enough to make us wish it could be Christmas every day.

Well, to an extent.

There's another thing too we can do to make the night even more magical and that's tracking Santa on his journey from the North Pole.

The Norad Santa tracker is the world's official Santa tracker so you know it's going to be good.

Originally launched way back in 1955 (not on the internet, obviously), the tool uses GPS to track Santa's location as he travels around the world delivering his gifts to all the children.


Apparently though, the tracker all started by accident.

Way back when, children were encouraged to call a number to see where Santa was.

However, the number was printed wrong and it connected to the North American Aerospace Defense Command instead.

They went along with it though.

Fair play to them.

You can access the tool online here or download it from the app store.