Mum speaks out after school gives daughter 'disturbing' homework 2 months ago

Mum speaks out after school gives daughter 'disturbing' homework

This is pretty out of line.

Helping the kids with their homework is something we always dread.

Our math skills are disastrous and trying to remember a word of Irish is like mission impossible.

However, one mum faced an even bigger problem when her daughter came home from school with some pretty disturbing homework.

She explained to Mumsnet that her daughter was asked to design a 'new tutor torture device'.

She said, "My daughter has been set her history homework for this week.

The mum said she also has to draw it and label it.

She even has to explain why it would be more effective than previously known torture devices.

She asked, "Is that a bit unnecessary?"


"They are in year 8. Do they really need to be encouraged to think of new ways to torture people!?" she added.

Many users said that they wouldn't let their children complete the homework.

One mum suggested writing a note to her teacher about why it is not appropriate homework for children.

"Personally, I think that is horrible. Very disturbing," one mum said.

Another added, "That is seriously inappropriate! I’d actually contact the headteacher on this."

However, one defended the homework.

She said, "That's a bit strange! I can only imagine that they think it would engage their imagination, a bit like horrible histories does by making it gruesome."

Another added, "This wouldn’t sit well with me. I think it’s dehumanising. Couldn’t they look at ways that they tried to help each other and see if it stoop test of time?"

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