Ireland to become first in Europe to cancel the passports of paedophiles 4 years ago

Ireland to become first in Europe to cancel the passports of paedophiles

Ireland could be the first country in Europe to cancel the passports of convicted paedophiles.

This comes after Australia put similar rules in place in a bid to stop those convicted of crimes against children from travelling abroad.

The new legislation is set to be put in place later this month.

Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Irish missionary Fr Shay Cullen is working hard to get this measure put in place and he has support from Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan.

Fr Cullen has said that he hopes the new legislation will prevent registered sex offenders from travelling abroad  particularly to developing nations, where there have been major problems with sex tourism and child prostitution.


According to the Irish Examiner he is quoted as saying;

“It is a grievous crime for anyone to travel abroad to commit child abuse. Legislation was passed in Australia, but we want other countries to follow, and Ireland to take the lead in the EU on this.

The benefit will be very big in terms of child protection. When more countries follow the Australian lead, many more children will be safer from abusers.”

Many parents have expressed anger over the years about the lack of surveillance on those with child abuse convictions but it seems like this new legislation could be a step in the right direction.

No date has been announced on when the new rule will be put into motion but it's great to see Ireland leading the way in Europe for the protection of children.