Irish heatwave: Warning issued to public over dangerous temperatures 8 months ago

Irish heatwave: Warning issued to public over dangerous temperatures

Temperatures could exceed 30 degrees.

A warning has been issued to the public as temperatures are set to soar in the coming days.

People may be thrilled to hear a heatwave is on the way, but experts are asking the public to be cautious.

Temperatures are set to reach highs of 30 degrees in parts of Ireland next week, which is extremely rare.

RTÉ's Evelyn Cusack told the public that there could be accidents and fatalities due to high temperatures.

She told The Six O'Clock Show: "We don’t get a fine spell every summer, but we are certainly going to get one this year.

"Thankfully it doesn’t look too long prolonged that we will be back into showers.

"I tend to put a dampener on these things because hot weather can be stressful for the more vulnerable and also there can be a lot of accidents, unfortunately."

She added, "We get a lot more accidents and fatalities during fine weather than during winter storms statistically with people going out having BBQs etc and setting places on fire and that.


"Unfortunately, we have fatalities from swimming in poor locations as well or at sea, even when there are lifeguards around."

"Fine weather isn't fine for everyone," she stressed.

Heatwaves are set to become more extreme and prolonged due to climate change.

Met Éireann even issued a warning ahead of the July heatwave.

"Ireland will experience a hot spell Sunday and into early next week.

"Daytime temperatures will widely reach the high twenties, possibly exceeding 30 degrees in some locations.

"Remaining uncomfortably warm overnight too," Met Éireann warned.

The public has been urged to stay hydrated, wear suncream and avoid spending too long in the sun.