Joe Swash helps 95-year-old woman and carries her to hospital 1 month ago

Joe Swash helps 95-year-old woman and carries her to hospital

"A true gentleman"

Joe Swash has been hailed a hero after helping a 95-year-old woman get to the hospital.

The presenter was praised by a woman whose elderly grandmother was struggling to find a wheelchair.

She explained on Twitter that Joe picked her grandmother up and carried her into the hospital when there were now wheelchairs available.

She said he was a true gentleman.

"Yesterday my 95-year-old nan had a hospital app, in a very busy hospital my 2 aunties that took her couldn’t find a wheelchair."

She continued, "So had to half carry her in, out of all the people there a man ran straight to them to help, Joe Swash."

"Thank you so much," the grateful woman added.


Joe responded to her kind tweet and said, "No problem! Your man looks amazing for 95. hope she Is ok."

Fans praised the dad for being so caring.

One said, "Ah this really doesn’t surprise me. Joe and Stacey come across as such lovely people, not just for the cameras. Both really kind-hearted. I hope your nan is ok."

Another added, "Joe, you give hope for humanity. Your act of kindness was a real gift to someone who was struggling. 100% amazing geezer. Bless you and your family with all the joy in the world."

One fan said the dad was "a true gentleman".