"I fell apart": Kathryn Thomas opens up about her baby girl's hospitalisation 1 year ago

"I fell apart": Kathryn Thomas opens up about her baby girl's hospitalisation

"Every parent's worst nightmare"

Seeing your child in hospital is truly the worst feeling. As Kathryn Thomas recently said, "it is every parent's worst nightmare".

The mum-of-two opened up about her daughter Grace's recent hospitalisation.

The Operation Transformation host said it was an "absolutely horrific" experience.

Speaking to the RTÉ Guide, Thomas said, “I was fine until I got to the door of the emergency department and then I fell apart.

“You hand over the most precious thing in the world to people you don’t know, but who you trust implicitly," she added.

The mum revealed her daughter had to be tested for numerous conditions, including sepsis.

"Grace was tested for meningitis and sepsis and had to get a spinal lumbar puncture."


“I knew instinctively it was nothing like that, but they had to take those preventative measures, including giving her intravenous antibiotics, just in case it was sepsis or meningitis.”

Her little girl was eventually diagnosed with bronchiolitis.

"We just spent 3 days in Crumlin with little Grace. Her breathing got very laboured on Wednesday so I brought her straight to A&E."

"She was diagnosed with bronchiolitis but thanks to the incredible nurses and doctors she's home now and doing great," the mum wrote at the time.

Grace is Kathryn's second daughter. The mum said her daughter has been a true source of joy after the last few years.

"With all the terrible stuff happening in the world, Grace has been a little beacon of light for me. She's a distraction from all the other stuff.”

The presenter is also a mum to 3-year-old daughter Ellie.

Kathryn gave birth to baby Grace, her second child, on October 26th.