"Is she ever with her kid?": Laura Whitmore hits out at cruel comments 1 year ago

"Is she ever with her kid?": Laura Whitmore hits out at cruel comments

The presenter quickly shut down the mum-shamers

Laura Whitmore has perfectly responded to a man who tried to mum-shame her.

The presenter was targeted by the troll when she revealed she was flying to New York.

The mum attended the Glamour Women of the Year awards last night.

Before flying out to the Big Apple, Whitmore shared a selfie from the plane.


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"US is open! It’s been a while. New York here I come. So excited to be back," she wrote alongside photos from her journey.

The majority of the comments under the post were sweet, but one man felt the need to critique Whitmore's parenting.

He wrote, "Is she ever with her kid?"


Instead of letting him away with the harsh remark, Whitmore penned the perfect response.

"Just doesn’t want to put her kid on a public platform. Exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months kinda means they had to be there. Some people put everything online, their choice - I won’t judge you posing at a urinal (yes I see your account)"

"Really hope you use your time more positively in future. Peace and love," the mum added.

Whitmore's followers praised her for the response and called out the man for being so rude.

"She poops and wees too but doesn't upload that on Insta (thank god) Honestly if she chose to upload pics of her kid some people would probably moan at that too. Don't worry about how she lives her life."

Whitmore and her husband Ian Sterling welcomed their first child together earlier this year.

The Love Island host gave birth to a baby girl in March 2021.

She confirmed her daughter's name is Stevie Ré.