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14th May 2015

Lego YES posters are GENIUS

Sophie White

Irish designer and photographer, Debbie Hickey, has made some brilliant new posters for the YES campaign ahead of next week’s referendum on Friday 22nd May. Hickey states on her website:

“If the Referendum passes we will be the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage through popular vote. Let’s make history.”

Let’s indeed!

The playful theme belies the huge importance of these images.

Hickey has immortalised key players in the YES camp, like Sabina Brennan who has spoken passionately on the subject.

"If you vote no you will be endorsing inequality. A no vote will send a message to our government, to the world, to our children and to our children’s children that we think that it is ok to treat one Irish citizen differently to another Irish citizen, to treat one human being different to another human being, to treat one family member differently to another family member."

Not so long ago homosexuality was still illegal in this country.

Hickey highlights the ongoing inequality gay citizens face in this country.

The closing line of Joyce’s Ulysses says it all…

Giants of Irish culture are recreated in Lego to support the cause.

And if any one was still in doubt look no further than the wisdom of Gandalf who said:

“Some believe that it is only GREAT power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I’ve found. I’ve found that it is the small things. Every day deeds by ORDINARY folk that keeps the darkness at bay.”

Finally, if Gandalf says it it shall be so.

Main image via Debbie Hickey