Mum sparks debate after admitting she would buy 12-year-old daughter a sex toy 2 years ago

Mum sparks debate after admitting she would buy 12-year-old daughter a sex toy

Do you agree with the mum?

A mum has caused quite the heated debate after admitting she would buy her daughter a sex toy when she is 12-years-old.

TikTok star Naomi Rikken said it is perfectly fine to buy one for your child when they're 12-14 years of age.

In one of her videos, Naomi was replying to a follower who asked if 9 was too young to have a sex toy.

The mum responded, "That's too young for me, but a little older I'd say yes."

A lot of people praised Rikken for being so sex-positive.

One user said, "Kids hit puberty at 10+ so I'd get mine one at 12."

Another agreed, "In my opinion, I would give my kid a toy if they wanted one. It is better than them getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant."

One added, "I think once they are a teenager they can have one."


"It would be better to educate a child on safe items than to let them self explore with something else that could injure," another suggested.

However, other parents said they're far too young.

"They wouldn't have a childhood," one mum wrote.

Another added, "I wouldn't give my child a toy, period. If they want one they can get it themselves."

"They're called adult toys for a reason," one woman stated.

Naomi said her opinion is completely personal and it all depends on when the child goes through puberty.

She also said it is up to the child and their parents.

She admitted she'd rather give them a sex toy "rather than buy formula and diapers nine months later."

The mum's video has received over 150,000 views on TikTok.

It may have caused some controversy, but Naomi's followers believe her sex-positive attitude is the way to be.