Here's your first look at Netflix's Pamela Anderson documentary 3 months ago

Here's your first look at Netflix's Pamela Anderson documentary

Pamela, A Love Story allows the actress to tell her own story.

A Netflix documentary about Pamela Anderson is currently in the works, and we've been given a first look at some of the stills.

The film is titled Pamela, A Love Story, and it sees the legendary actress tell her story in her own words through personal videos and diaries.

According to the streaming platform, the documentary is an "intimate and humanising portrait of one of the world's most famous blonde bombshells". The film traces her life back to her small-town girl roots and charts how she became an "international sex symbol", as well as an actress, activist, and doting mother.

She is all set to discuss her rise to fame, her "rocky romances", as well as the sex tape scandal that rocked the world.

Pamela, A Love Story lands on Netflix on 31 January 2023.


The aforementioned scandal was already the focus of the Disney+ biographical series Pam & Tommy, which was released earlier this year. It saw Lily James play Pamela, while Sebastian Stan played Tommy Lee, Pamela's first husband. A private video of the two having sex was stolen from their home in 1985 and leaked online, which led Pamela to sue Internet Entertainment Group, which distributed the video online.

Pamela's life and impressive career are often overshadowed by the scandal surrounding the sex tape, and Pamela, A Love Story will shine a light on other aspects of her life as well.

Pamela was born in Canada but later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling.

In 1990, she was selected by Playboy to be the Playmate of the month, which kickstarted her 22-year-long career with the magazine. At the same time, she pursued a career in acting, during which she landed her most famous role playing C.J. Parker in Baywatch.