A primary school has banned meat in lunchboxes and parents are not happy 11 months ago

A primary school has banned meat in lunchboxes and parents are not happy


We all want our children to eat healthy and nutritious meals. And this day in age, we all know that this for the most part means a diet rich in plants – vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts and berries.

However, not everyone agrees, and so when a UK primary school recently went 'meat free' many parents were less than impressed.

Students at Barrowford Primary School near Nelson, Lancashire, are now only offered vegetarian dinners in schools, and the children are also urged not to bring meat in their packed lunches.

The new rule regarding meals served in the school was actually brought in last year, but a letter informing parents of the change was only sent out last week, and it ended up causing quite the stir with meat-eating parents.

Speaking to The Sun, one mum, Zoe Douglas, is so seething at the situation she is even trying to transfer her children to a different school.

"It is a joke. I'm looking to move mine as I've had enough of that school," she explained.

"I think they forget that non-meat eaters and vegans have to take a lot of supplements. What supplements are they getting instead at that school? Nothing, probably saving on food costs."


Douglas is also fuming that the new meal plan was brought in "ages ago" and she has only just found out why her daughter returned home from school one day talking about the "disgusting" new sausages.

"I only found out this week in an email, Amelia ordered sausage and mash and when she bit into her sausage she said 'eww'," she said.

"Teachers said, 'oh, it's a vegetarian sausage' but they hadn't told her before she ordered. She ended up just having mash for her dinner. I'm fuming. She's been on packed lunches since."

Other parents agreed:

"I take it these children will never have a Christmas lunch ever again in school, something that's happened for decades and all of them look forward to."

A third one chimed in:

"Why not accommodate the veggies, vegans, whatever and add to the menu instead of making our kids adapt? And to request parents pack lunches that are veggie as well, not to mention the local farmers, this is absolutely ludicrous."

Others agreed that eating meat-free was not supportive of the farming community that surrounds the area where the school is situated.

"We have absolutely no hope of teaching the younger generation about our food production when primary schools are teaching them to be ‘meat-free’ - it's very worrying what we’re up against," Livestock buyer Alex Nutter told paper.