Prince George is slowly beginning to understand "his destiny" 8 months ago

Prince George is slowly beginning to understand "his destiny"

"He has to learn to don the royal armour"

He's not exactly singing 'Oh I just can't wait to be king', but Prince George is starting to understand his "destiny".

According to new reports, the 8-year-old is starting to learn more about being the future monarch.

Katie Nicholl told OK! that Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge are preparing their son.

"She and William are slowly and gently explaining to Prince George what his royal future holds."

The author explained, "They are making sure that he is fully prepared for his destiny as King is always at the forefront of Kate’s mind."

According to royal reporter Duncan Larcombe, Kate is eager to teach Prince George about his duty as a royal.

The young prince made an appearance at this year's Euro Finals.


People were rather surprised to see the 8-year-old wearing a suit rather than his England shirt.

However, the mum-of-three wanted him to understand the importance of royal public engagements.

“William was apparently keen on the idea, but it was Kate, the former commoner, who said no. She was showing George that being ’on duty’ requires a different approach… he has to learn to don the royal armour," Larcombe said.

“George is only just beginning to understand his destiny, but Kate has got the journey planned," he added.

The Duchess of Cambridge is set to celebrate her 40th birthday on Sunday, January 9th. It is believed the future Princess of Wales will have a low-key celebration with her loved ones, including her three children- Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. As well as her husband Prince William and her parents.