Ryanair passenger refuses to swap seats with mum and baby- was she wrong? 1 year ago

Ryanair passenger refuses to swap seats with mum and baby- was she wrong?

Who do you think was wrong?

A man has come under fire after he refused to swap seats with a mother and her baby on a Ryanair flight.

He explained that he paid to sit in the middle seat because he wanted to be close to the exit.

"The flight was landing at a minor secondary airport which has limited train connections so if I wanted to catch the best train, I have to run outside the plane and do passport control ASAP."

He said that if he missed the train he'd have to wait for over an hour.

He was already feeling tired after an unsuccessful business trip when he was asked to move seats.

The mum asked him if he could move to a different row because she wanted her husband to sit beside her.

"I just said that I paid for the seat and I did not want to move."

The mum ended up moving to the husband's row because there was an empty seat.


"I mean was physically and mentally exhausted, I paid for my ticket and that exact seat. Everyone was judging me yet no one moved a finger to help the mother."

People were divided over the incident, but many agreed that he should have just sat elsewhere.

However, others argued that the mum was in the wrong.

One said, "You bought the seat for very specific and reasonable purposes."

"I emphasize with the family, but why didn't they buy seats together or ask at the gate?" another asked.

"They took a gamble on the seating and lost, you had no way of knowing what seats would be available until the doors closed."

Another quipped, "The husband might have booked the seats so he was away from his wife for two hours. I do It all the time."