"Back where she belongs": Saoirse Ruane leaves hospital after 9 days 6 months ago

"Back where she belongs": Saoirse Ruane leaves hospital after 9 days

"Our girl is back home"

Saoirse Ruane has returned home from hospital after surgery to remove a tumour from her lung.

Saoirse's mother has confirmed she is finally back home "where she belongs".

The mum posted the joyous news on Instagram.

"9 days post-surgery and our girl is back home where she belongs."

She gushed, "It’s very surreal to think she’s home and that she is making such a remarkable recovery."

"If I never knew the answer to the question“who is your hero?” I certainly know it now..." her mum gushed.

Saoirse's parents praised their daughter for being so brave.

"We are so glad you chose us to be your parents."



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"It’s been our privilege to sit by your bedside these past few weeks and help you in whatever way you needed!"

"We may be on the sideline, but we are your biggest cheerleaders and we will fight your corner every time."

Her parents also thanked the public for their support.

"We really believe all the prayers and masses are the reason she is so good today and we ask you to please continue as we continue on this journey."

Earlier this month, Saoirse's parents confirmed her cancer had returned.

Doctors found a rare tumour in the young girl's lung.

Saoirse underwent an operation at Crumlin children's hospital to remove the tumour.

Her parents praised the Toy Show's star's doctors for their care, support and compassion.