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10th Jun 2022

Saoirse Ruane’s mum says she is “doing incredibly well” after cancer surgery

Saoirse Ruane is one tough cookie.

Saoirse Ruane’s mum has shared an update about the inspiring Toy Show star.

Just weeks after her cancer surgery, Saoirse Ruane is “in great form” and recovering well.

Her mum said Saoirse is doing “incredibly well” considering she just had surgery last month.

“We along with her team are hugely impressed by how well she is doing considering her surgery was so major and invasive. She’s a tough little cookie.”

Her mum praised Saoirse’s oncologist for everything they have done.

“As any of you that have experienced it will already know, handing over your child to a surgeon is the most nerve-wracking thing a parent will ever do and we are indebted to Dr. McGuinness, Dr. Capra and their teams.”

Ruthanne explained that they’re still waiting for results from pathology, but they’re focusing on being together as a family.

“We are enjoying being at home and under the same roof while we help Saoírse recover.”

Her mum said they’re also being as careful as possible because Saoirse needs to stay clear of getting infections.

The family has been enjoying short walks to help Saoirse’s lungs gain strength.

Saoirse has also been enjoying time with her little sister Farrah Rose, who is keeping them “on our toes”.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Saoirse’s cancer had returned.

Doctors found a tumour in her lung but operated on Saoirse last month.

We’re keeping her in our thoughts and prayers, always.