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21st Jun 2022

My 12-year-old child was left unsupervised at a sleepover

“Never in a million years would I leave someone’s child unattended!”

One mum is furious after her daughter went to a sleepover at her friend’s house, but her parents left them alone.

Taking to Mumsnet, one of the mothers revealed that her daughter told her they were left alone for hours during the sleepover.

The parents claimed they were going ‘to the office’ but it was 8.30 pm.

The ‘office’ was reportedly only 20 minutes away, but they were gone for at least two hours.

When she got home from the sleepover, the woman’s daughter told her that they were unsupervised for hours.

“Anyway the dad came back 2 hours later his children asked where’s mum, ‘at the pub’

“The mum stumbles in’ later slurring saying ‘Sorry it’s been a s**t night I think I have Covid’.”

The mum was furious to hear that the kids were just left alone.

“They just lied they were going to the office at 8.30 at night and f***ed off to get p**sed.”

She explained that her daughter and her friends, both aged 12, also had to mind the couple’s other child who is 9.

The mum said they should’ve stayed home and entertained the girls.

“When I have sleepovers I cook, try and plan activities, etc if the kids want to.

“But I would never in a million years leave someone’s child unattended!”

“Especially at night time! The kids are only really just 12.”

She is unsure if she should confront the mother about this because she finds her “unbearable”.

The mum is also worried about saying something because she doesn’t want to tarnish the friendship her daughter has with the woman’s child.