Mum issues warning to parents doing their Christmas shopping in Smyths 1 year ago

Mum issues warning to parents doing their Christmas shopping in Smyths

Is anyone else living in fear of the kids finding their Christmas presents?

Christmas will be here before we know it and we're already mentally preparing ourselves for the yearly dash to Smyths.

Has anyone else got present lists the length of their arms?

We will be having nightmares about LOL Dolls, Lego and that Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle from now until the 25th.

As much as we adore the holiday season, the stress of hiding gifts from our kids never fails to leave us feeling like a nervous ball of panic.

Will we shove them in the back of the wardrobe and hope for the best? Maybe their grandmother will keep them in her house until they're snoozing away on Christmas Eve.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the kids will find the gifts.


Oh to have Monica Geller's present hiding skills.

In a bid to help other parents, Irish author and mum Sarah Breen has shared a warning with parents.

"This is your seasonal reminder that Smyths plastic bags are still SEE THROUGH," the Oh My God! What a Complete Aisling writer shared.

Parents responded by sharing their Christmas gift disasters and we're literally shuddering with the stress.

"I’ve had smyths toys delivered with no box, just an address sticker slapped on them - would have been disastrous if the kids had seen," one parent said.

Another added,  "A colleague here has Amazon Alexa which announced 'your package will be delivered in 30 minutes' which the kids responded 'Alexa, what's in the package?' and were duly told."

If anyone can help us get through the festive season without the kids finding their gifts then do share your advice below.

May the odds be ever in your favour.