Mum sparks heated debate about pupils giving their teachers Christmas presents 1 month ago

Mum sparks heated debate about pupils giving their teachers Christmas presents

Is it wrong to give teachers Christmas gifts?

Mums are calling for an end to this increasingly popular tradition.

And we kind of agree with them.

Obviously, we want teachers to feel appreciated, especially after the past few years they've endured. But as one mum pointed out, giving them presents is causing more harm than good.

She said: "Please stop with the teacher and TA gifts!"

The woman revealed that she has worked in a school and the gifts "are such an unnecessary pain".

"It’s just stuff bought for the sheer heck of buying and needs to stop."

The woman pointed out that kids are trying to be more eco-friendly and buying these gifts goes against that.


"Protecting the environment is very high on the list of pupils concerns. Inundating people with unwanted things in their name isn’t respectful."

"Please no more mugs, teddies, chocolates, bizarre decorations…how many teachers, TA’s, nursery staff do you think really want it?" she asked.

"You are just gifting them a trip to the charity shop and/or the need for more bin bags."

One teacher commented, "Most of my families are on very low incomes, I'd rather they spent the money on themselves."

One pointed out that other parents might feel pressured to buy gifts if they see others do the same.

"I agree with the tat giving for colleagues and acquaintances in general - half of it is destined for landfill and it does need to stop. But I can’t see what’s wrong with booze, chocolate, or vouchers," another said.

One mum shared, "Our school has banned presents as part of poverty proofing, it's great! I donate to the food bank through school instead."