Tommy Fury will fly to Saudi Arabia just weeks after Molly Mae gives birth 5 days ago

Tommy Fury will fly to Saudi Arabia just weeks after Molly Mae gives birth

Tommy Fury is set to jet off to Saudi Arabia just weeks after Molly Mae gives birth.

The Love Island star is due to give birth any day now, but Fury is reportedly already planning on leaving their family home for a professional boxing match.

Tommy will reportedly fly to Saudi Arabia to fight Jake Paul in four weeks' time.

According to The Mirror, the reality star's fight is scheduled to go ahead.

A source told the publication, "He is due to box Jake Paul in 4 weeks in Saudi Arabia. The fight is yet to be announced and with Tommy's history, it could well and truly collapse again, however, as of now the fight seems to be going ahead."

The news comes after Molly Mae previously opened up about how Tommy 'forgets' about her pregnancy.

When the 23-year-old was asked what it was like for her to be pregnant while Tommy is away boxing, she replied: "Yeah obviously. I work all the time, and he’s away working, so it’s just constant. Like, we’re never together.”


Claiming that the two are apart so much that they "literally communicate by FaceTime at this point," she was then asked if Tommy ever talks to the baby, to which she replied: "No. He’s not really, I think because he’s been away so much, I feel like sometimes he forgets.

“I’m like, ‘you do understand that I’m two months away from, like we’re going to have a child’. Yeah, sometimes he has to be reminded a little bit because he’s just away in camp land.”

Fans believe Molly Mae has already given birth to her daughter, but she has yet to confirm her arrival.

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