Waitress admits to watering down kids' sugary drinks without telling parents 8 months ago

Waitress admits to watering down kids' sugary drinks without telling parents


Most of us parents, I imagine, are rather restrictive when it comes to giving our children sweets and sugary drinks.

Personally, we just never have it in the house, but on the odd occasion when we eat out, I often let my children have a 7UP or Fanta Orange. By doing it this way, I know it feels like a special treat, and – I am hoping – teaches my kids that it is OK to indulge in treats on occasion – but that we really shouldn't eat sweets or drink sugary drinks all the time.

However, feeling like parents themselves aren't really doing a good enough job managing their children's sugar intake, an American waitress recently took to TikTok to share how she has taken it upon herself to do so.

The waitress, who is just listed as Abby on her account, made headlines (despite having only 205 followers) because she's admitted to watering down sugary drinks before serving them to children – despite not having been told to do so by the children's parents – and not even informing them that she has done so.

Captioned the since-deleted clip, she writes "'and she’ll have a Coke' ma'am it’s EIGHT p.m. and she's SEVEN."

The short video is just a video of her drink tampering, with the words:

"The feminine urge to water down every single kid's lemonade or soda because it's absolutely repulsive how much sugar these parents let their kids drink."


Before Abby deleted the controversial video, 950 people had commented, many of them expressing fury at the waitress' initiative.

"Orrrrr hear me out! You could just do your job and not mess with how other people are choosing to parent," one person wrote.

Another one said:


"Another idea would be to just give people what they pay for. It might be a treat for them, they don’t need a Karen in training worrying about them."

A third person chimed in:

"Wow… maybe you should let parents parent their own kids. Not your place to do that."

One rightfully pointed out:

"Just wait until you have kids. If a soda is going to give me five minutes of silence to scarf down my food in peace then let me live my life PLEASE."

Others noted there could be medical factors to consider too.

"But what if they're a type 1 diabetic and need the drink to raise their blood sugar…?"

A minority agreed with the sugar intervention


Not everyone was fuming over Abby's sneaky admission. Some people took to the comments to express their support of what the waitress was doing.

"I don't know why everyone's saying we can’t judge people's parenting. Why not? It's bad, sorry," one person wrote.

Another one said:

"Haha I'm a mum of three and I approve of this message!"

Some other waitresses even admitted to doing the same thing.

"YES. One lady gave her 1-year-old Coke!"

Another one said:

"I had parents order their CHILDREN COFFEE. They got decaf."

How would YOU feel if a waitress had done this when you had ordered a soft drink for your child?