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12th Aug 2022

Don’t waste your life’s purpose worrying about your body

Kat O'Connor

News flash: All bodies are beach bodies. All bodies are beautiful

Summer in Ireland currently feels like summer in Italy. It is hotter than us Irish are built for, but we’re embracing it before the rain makes her unwelcome return.

The SPF 50, barbecues, and sun dresses are out in force, but with the fine weather comes a wave of pressure too. So many people are judged and ridiculed all because of their bodies. Once the calendar is flipped over to May, we instantly hear people talking about ‘being good for summer’ or ‘getting their beach body ready’. The toxic conversations become a soundtrack to every single summer, no matter how old we get. Yesterday, I overheard two women talking about how ‘terrible’ their cellulite was and how they’d never step foot on the beach in ‘such a state’. They were twice my age, but still felt the insecurities I’ve had since I was a teenager.

It’s like our brains are programmed to think that only people who look like Kim Kardashian are allowed to wear swimsuits or show off their bodies proudly. The rest of us must cover up and hide away, but why should we? Why is there only one ‘perfect’ type of body? Why can’t society encourage everyone to feel body confident? Isn’t it time for us to celebrate and acknowledge that there is more than one type of beauty? Just because the labels on our swimsuits are different, doesn’t mean we’re not worthy, right?

“Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your life’s purpose worrying about your body”

As Emma Thompson perfectly put it, life is too short to spend it worrying about what you look like. We should love ourselves, warts and all. There is no shame in gaining weight or having acne or cellulite.

“Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your life’s purpose worrying about your body. This is your vessel, it’s your house, it’s where you live, there’s no point in judging it, absolutely no point, but it’s very hard to do.”

Summer should be about making memories and not hiding away because of a society that solely judges you based on the size of your jeans. We need to leave those days behind and follow Emma Thompson’s wise words.