10 Little Things That Give You Instant Joy When You're A Parent 2 years ago

10 Little Things That Give You Instant Joy When You're A Parent

As we all know, once you have kids what constitutes a 'day-maker' is radically different to the kinds of things that gave us instant joy pre-babies.

Post-babies a relaxing trip to the supermarket ALONE could be considered joyful, while pre-kids the bar was set a little higher.

10 Little Things That Give You Instant Joy When You're A Parent:

1. Waking Up To Discover That You Didn't Get Up Once Last Night

Which, by extension, means that the baby *whisper it* slept through the whole damn night. A-MAZING.

And rare, like unicorn rare.

2. Sleeping till SEVEN AM (A.K.A. A lie-in)

Once you're a parent, any day you don't see 6 am counts as a lie-in day.

3. Going To The Toilet Alone

It's the parent-equivalent of me-time.

4. A Morning Kiss From A Baby = Insta-Joy!

Even if it's a really snotty kiss, we love it – this would've completely disgusted us BC (before children), but now we call them delicious savoury kisses, because that, my friends, is what parenthood does to a person.

5. Leg Hugs

Pre-parenthood, the only person who'd ever given us a leg-hug was an inebriated wedding guest who'd fallen over during the chicken dance. Now a leg-hug is the single best thing in every parent's day.

6. When Our Children Say They Are Happy

It's absolutely squeeeee-inducing. As is hearing them say "I 'ove you" for the first time, this doesn't wear off either; the 868th time is still a bolt of joy to the feels.

7. An Incident-free Nap

A nap taking place without a two-hour negotiation is such a rarity that any time it happens, we have a strong urge to triumphantly high-five ourselves. (Usually waking the child in the process with joyous whooping and self-high-fiving.)

8. The Running Hug

When they run towards us with such force that we usually end up head-butting rather than kissing. Adorable.

9. Eating Chocolate ALL BY YOURSELF

It's the little things, when you've got little people around. And anyone who has children will tell you this: If you even as much as think about having a sneaky chocolate bar when your kids are around (even if they are in a different room they will sense what's about to happen), you will have to share. Meaning, mostly, that they pretty much eat the whole thing and you are left with crumbs. But if you wait until after bedtime before cracking into your chocolate buttons, mamas, they are ALL yours.

10. Reading A Book Uninterrupted

With a box of chocolates (see point above), of course.

These little joys were brought to you by Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons. Make more memories here.