10 Weird And Wonderful Soft Toys Your Kids Will LOVE 2 years ago

10 Weird And Wonderful Soft Toys Your Kids Will LOVE

Sure, we all love a traditional teddy bear. But wouldn't you rather a stuffed jellyfish? A crocheted carrot? A fabulous fox or a sleepy unicorn?

When it comes to soft toys, the only limit is your imagination and nowadays there are even companies that will customise a whole family of cuddly friends for you.

Here are ten beautiful plush pals to add to your child's collection:

Pirate Peter

Designed by Waterford based Yellowhill Designs, Pirate Peter has a handy pocket at the back... perfect for that night time-only dummy! €15.95 here.


Soft Crown

Handmade in Ireland by Magic Forest Toys, this crown will be the most popular item in the dress-up box. It's also Instagram gold for blogging mamas...


King Leopold

Leopold the Lion is made in cosy sweatshirt material, back in stock this August at Milipa.


Esteban the Fox

This handmade puppet is so adorable we want one for ourselves. Handmade in pure wool by Germany's JipiJipi.


Amigurumi Sleeper

This hand-crocheted sleepy doll makes us yawn just looking at it. The perfect bedtime companion. €28 here.


Family Rag Dolls

Imagine how cool it would be to have your whole family in rag dolls. Spain's Citizens Collectible can make that happen from €25.10 for a personalised baby doll.


Cooked Breakfast Fridge Magnets

We don't know why but we can't resist this fuzzy bacon, fried egg, baked beans and sausage combo. €14


Gold Unicorn 

This special unicorn, an original illustration by Dear Violet, has a metallic gold horn and pink mane. €37.19.


Crocheted Veggie Baby Rattles

One hundred per cent cotton and made in Ukraine by Freja Toys, €17.49

crochet vegetables

Harold the Jellyfish 

Hand-knitted in lambswool by Sara Carr, made to order, €46.


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