3 sweet (and, more importantly, easy) Valentine's crafts the kids will love 6 months ago

3 sweet (and, more importantly, easy) Valentine's crafts the kids will love

It is almost time for the most heart-shaped and love-filled day of the year again.

Everyone always says that Valentine's Day changes once you have kids, but seriously; who wants to be out in a busy and over-priced restaurant anyway (she says bitterly...).

Just joking, guys. Anyway, oysters and Prosecco aside, there are so many other fun ways to fill this "holiday" without having to even leave the house. Meaning, of course, that you not only save on the (over-priced) wine, but also on babysitters. Win-win.

This year (like last year), I am planning an afternoon of arts and crafts with a house filled with little friends (which my six-year-old and me are equally excited about, her because of the little friends, me because I get to live my most Pinterest-able decorating ideas...), followed by an M&S Dine-In with the other half. A Valentine after my very own heart.

There is no shortage of Valentine appropriate arts and crafts ideas if you do a quick Google-search, but to save you time, here are some I am planning to engross Nahla and her little friends in:

1. Valentine's Candy Huggers

You'll need:

Craft paper

Glue dots (or a glue gun)

Wrapped chocolates (little hearts are perfect)



Here's how:

These cute little animal candy huggers are the perfect handmade Valentine, I think, for children to share with their classmates at school. Simply draw your animal of choice (we think you can't beat a teddy!) onto craft paper, cut out, use a glue-dot to attach a little wrapped piece of chocolate or candy, and you are good to go.

(Image via LiaGriffith.com)


2. Hand-Print 'Hanging With You" Monkeys

You'll need:

Brown and green paint

Brown craft paper


Googly eyes

Heart stickers

Black marker

Here's how:

Have the kids paint their four fingers with brown paint and pressing it on a white sheet of card stock paper. Make sure NOT to do the thumb!

Cut out a tail, head, nose, and ears with the brown paper. Paint the monkey’s face with the brown paint as well as the tail and the edge of the ears. Take a black sharpie and draw a nose and mouth.

Use green squeeze paint to make vines and add heart stickers hanging down from it. Finish off the craft with the quote “I love hangin’ with you!” for Valentines.

(Idea via Craftmorning.com)


3. Toilet Roll Love Bugs

You will need:

Toilet rolls


Googly eyes

Pipe cleaners


Craft paper




Here's how:

Paint some toilet rolls and allow to dry. You can cut some down to a shorter length for some smaller bugs if you like.

Poke six holes with a kitchen skewer (three down each side)

Cut two pipe cleaners in half to get four pieces. Thread three of these through the holes to make six legs, attach small beads at the ends.

You can add washi tape to the body of your bug for some extra decor.

Cut out wings and antennas from paper and decorate these with glue and glitter before you glue them onto your bug.

Glue your googly eyes on last and set to dry.

(Image via Redtedart.com)

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 15.56.20

Have YOU got any cute and easy Valentine's craft ideas you would like to share with us? Send me an e-mail at: Trine.Jensen@Herfamily.ie