5-year-old has hilariously harsh comments for her mam's body 1 year ago

5-year-old has hilariously harsh comments for her mam's body

We ALL know the feeling.

Kids say the most ridiculous things in the most inopportune times.

And when you're out shopping and have no option other than bringing your child into the changing room with you, it can turn out to be a little bit of a spectacle.

One mum has shared her hilarious story of when she was trying on jeans with her 5-year-old daughter... and we're sure many parents can relate.

She wrote: “5yo: ‘Mom, do you need to take all your clothes off?’ Me: ‘No. Just my shirt and my pants’.

“5yo: ‘Oh my god, look at your boobs jiggling all over the place!’ Me: ...

“5yo: ‘Look at your big tummy. It’s so cute and squishy. Do you have another baby in there?’ Me: ...

“5yo: ‘Are you taking your underwear off too?’ Me: ‘No, just my jeans. You don’t take your underwear off when you’re trying on clothes’.

“5yo: ‘Ohhhh, because you don’t want your lady beard to show?’ Me: ...

“To the young girls giggling in the fitting room next to us: Don’t worry, someday your kid will give a play-by-play of your post-baby body to strangers in a fitting room too.

“Have kids, they said. It will be fun, they said.”