Next time your kids have an argument, try this to help stop sibling squabbles 6 months ago

Next time your kids have an argument, try this to help stop sibling squabbles

Sibling rivalry is to be expected, let's face it; however, all that squabbling isn't fun for anyone - least of all parents.

If the bickering is getting on your nerves, try introducing a get-along jar. We can't promise it will restore perfect harmony in the household for good, but this cute craft might just get you a small window of much-needed peace...

What you need:

  • Jar
  • Label for jar
  • Craft sticks for the ideas
  • Permanent marker

What you need to do:

1. Tell the kids you are introducing a get-along jar. (Expect some whinging.) Explain why. (Expect more whinging.) Ask them for get-along ideas to write on the sticks - some they may not love, but most should be fun.

2. Label the jar.

3. Write each get-along idea on the craft stick with a marker.

4. Decorate the sticks and jar. This is optional but it might make the whole thing seem more attractive.

5. Put the sticks in the jar and wait 30 seconds for the bickering to begin.

6. Once the squabbling has started, ask them both (unless you want more bickering) to choose a stick from the jar.

7. Wait for harmony to ensue...

Here are a few get-along ideas for your sticks:

  • Say three nice things about the other person.
  • Pick up the other person's toys.
  • Do a kind deed together for someone else.
  • Turn on some music and dance together for an entire song.
  • Tell each other a story.
  • Make up a ‘getting along song’ and perform it for the family.
  • Make the other person’s bed.
  • Draw something positive about your sibling.
  • Make each other a ‘sorry’ card.
  • Clean the bathroom sink together.
  • Do 10 star jumps.
  • Draw a picture together.
  • Tell each other a secret.
  • Ask your sibling to tell you one thing they would like you to do differently.

Failing that, try one of these...

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