Amber Rose explains why she dyed her 4-year-old son's hair blonde 11 months ago

Amber Rose explains why she dyed her 4-year-old son's hair blonde

Amber Rose has hit back at critics of her decision to dye her young son's hair.

The model shared an image of her four-year-old son Sebastian on Instagram last night, revealing that she'd dyed his hair to a bleach blonde shade similar to her own.

"My twin," she captioned the snap.

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The image garnered over 410,000 likes but annoyed some followers.

"Poor kid," wrote one commenter.

"Why would you do that to that little boy?" asked another.

In a new post, Amber responded to the trolls by saying he'd "begged" her to let him have his hair like hers.

"He begged me for a whole year to dye his hair blonde like mine so we started with a little patch and I told him when he turns 5 I will make him a full blonde like his mommy," she wrote.

"He will be 5 on the 21st of February!

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"He’s so happy and none of you dirty little trolls can take that away from him or me! P.S. Love your children unconditionally and let them be creative, this world will be a better place."

Sebastian is Amber's only child. She and ex-husband, rapper Wiz Khalifa, welcomed him in 2013.

She's previously said that she's raising her son to be a feminist.

"I don’t hide things from my son. He is only 4-years-old. But even still, I talk to him about a lot of things. As far as women, one of the things I do is talk to him about my period. My son knows what a period is."