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The Cheat's Guide to Making An Instagram-Perfect Cake At Home
Become the neighbourhood Nigella overnight

Anyone can throw together a basic sponge cake, but learning how to ice it like a pro is the key to becoming queen of the school bake sale.

If you're more Raquel Welch than Rachel Allen, fear not: all you need is the right tools (try your local gourmet store or Decobake) a spare hour and a decent tutorial to turn yourself into the neighbourhood Nigella. Just don't tell anyone your secret.

Here's how:

Start with a basic cake recipe:

Whack some buttercream between the two sponges, stick 'em one on top of the other, then learn how to pipe buttercream ruffles (simple-we promise):

Mastered that? Great, now it's time to attempt the Ombre Rosette...


You won't believe this but you're more than ready to get familiar with the fondant ruffle. We kid you not. 

All that's left now is to translate your new skills to cupcake decoration... if only so that more people can be allowed to appreciate your baking prowess. 



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