Danielle Lloyd shares son's cheeky request for the tooth fairy 8 months ago

Danielle Lloyd shares son's cheeky request for the tooth fairy

It was 50p per tooth in my house, a figure that sadly was never adjusted for inflation.

How much should you give a child from the 'tooth fairy'?

That's the debate that Danielle Lloyd has sparked with her latest Instagram post.

The mum-of-three took to Instagram to share this snap of her eldest son Archie, who had just lost one of his front teeth.

In the caption, Danielle wrote that the seven-year-old asked her if the tooth fairy would leave him £20 for the tooth.

"No son, she ain't that rich," she wrote.


Other parents commented to share what they thought was an appropriate amount for the tooth fairy to give.

"It's a £1 and £2 coin in our house. I give them a good clean with nail varnish remover and pop the shiny coins under my boys pillows."

"We did £5 for the first and now it's £1"

"My friend told my son that for every tooth he loses the money goes up because of inflation"

"Aww bless him... My grandson's 1st tooth fell out 3 days ago and the tooth fairy left him £10"

"My daughter lost hers a few nights ago, think it was her sixth tooth! The fairy gave her £5, what does a fairy do with no change!!!"

"I made the mistake of giving my son a tenner for his front tooth. In the same week the other one fell out, I was skint that week!"

"Our going rate was £10 first tooth and a pound thereafter."

According to a survey, the average rate per tooth in the UK is 88p (96c), a good bit less than what little Archie is looking for.

Danielle is mum to three boys Archie, seven, Harry, six, and George, four, with ex Jamie O'Hara and is expecting her fourth child with partner Michael O'Neill.