Diet sales rep tells new mum she'll help erase her 'yucky mum tum' 1 year ago

Diet sales rep tells new mum she'll help erase her 'yucky mum tum'

"I am so proud of my body for growing my son."

A new mum has told of how a juice sales rep contacted her on social media to told her she'd help her get her 'pre-baby body' back.

Selina Warren from Devon in the UK said the salesperson wrote to her earlier this week.

The woman congratulated her on her newborn son, before offering to help get rid of Selina's 'yucky mum tum'.

"I found it quite insulting that someone, especially another woman, would jump to the conclusion that because I've had a baby I must hate my body. It is so rude," Selina told Devon Live.

"I was absolutely appalled. I found the message so offensive but I'm lucky I'm quite thick skinned and I am pretty confident but that's not true for everyone."

"What if she had been messaging a mum who is struggling to accept how her body looks now and what if she had messaged a mum with post-natal depression? It could be so damaging and hurtful."

Selina gave birth to son Logan a month ago and said that she's proud of her body for carrying and delivering him.


"There is so much pressure on women to bounce back after having a baby and have an airbrushed stomach, but being a new mum is hard enough. Women should be proud of their stretchmarks and sag. Your body has just grown another human."

The company that the salesperson claimed to represent, JuicePlus+, said it wasn't aware of that rep as being part of the company but apologised to Selina and said it was investigating.

"Our approach to healthy living is one that is holistic and about all aspects of health – not only around nutrition, but also mental wellbeing, and we certainly take the impact that this could have very seriously."