All you need to know about Attipas, the 'walking science' children shoes 1 year ago

All you need to know about Attipas, the 'walking science' children shoes

It can be one of the most important things.

Once your little one has taken those first few steps, you’re likely to hear more and more talk of having “proper shoes” - and what exactly that means.

Baby shoe brand Attipas have created a number of colourful ranges of footwear that aim to support babies all the way from their very first steps until four years of age.

The company, whose name means “precious steps”, have a range of comfy shoes for your little one that are light like a sock - but more supportive than a pre-walker.

They’ve gone from strength to strength since they were first released in 2011, becoming a global phenomenon - even landing a spot on the gifting list for the 2017 Oscars.

Attipas expanded against in August last year, when they arrived in the Irish market.

The pediatrist-recommended shoes follow the five most important factors when shopping for shoes for babies and toddlers: be flexible; be breathable; not be high-top shoes/boots or heels; have plenty of toe room; and have no arch support.

And at just €25 a pair, the colourful footwear have already proven to be a popular gift for little ones across the country.

While Attipas are only available online or at their pop-up shop in Tramore, Co Waterford at the moment, there’s a plan to expand into shops and pharmacies across the country this year.