Husband writes breastfeeding tips for men and many mums aren't happy 3 weeks ago

Husband writes breastfeeding tips for men and many mums aren't happy

'Those hooters will no longer be the same.' Sorry, what?

One husband thought it would be a really good idea to warn other men how their wives breasts would be ruined forever after breastfeeding.

While the post was written with the best of intentions parts of it come across quite negative in regards to women's bodies and many mums are not pleased about it.

It all begins with 'the mystery and resulting excitement of seeing your woman’s breasts will forever be gone' which isn't a great start. Women have enough hang-ups about their changing bodies after giving birth without being told that their husbands won't be excited to look at their bodies again.

I thought that maybe it was just a bad turn of phrase and that it would get more humourous but while some parts felt like he was supporting her breastfeeding journey other parts felt like body shaming.

"New Fathers, heed my warning. Sagging will occur! Do your best to burn the image of your woman’s breasts in your mind pre-pregnancy because those hooters will no longer be the same."

While sagging will occur I doubt very much that this dad would like if his body was spoken about like this all over social media.

Now I won't say he's horrible the entire way along, as he does tell other dads to be as helpful as possible and do their part when it comes to washing bottles and breast pumps. Nevertheless, the breast image remarks irked quite a lot of mums.

"Breasts change because of pregnancy not breastfeeding. Not all husbands have a negative attitude toward breasts while babies are using them for food. That is there intended PURPOSE! Most husbands do not change their playfulness with breasts except in the early days of nursing. You are misguided."

"I don’t think this is very cute. It’s pretty rude and I hope no one says these things to their wife."

"He literally says “breasts are forever ruined for me” His tone is a bit rude, like “hey fellow guys, better get used to ugly tits that aren’t your playthings.” This could have been very sweet, but it left a sour taste for me."

While he probably didn't intend for his 'tips' to come across in a negative light I wouldn't be too pleased if my husband wrote about my body in this way and according to the comments, neither would a lot of other women.