Jessica Alba's daughter just celebrated her birthday with a magical unicorn themed bash 1 year ago

Jessica Alba's daughter just celebrated her birthday with a magical unicorn themed bash

Major party inspiration ahead.

I don't know about you, mamas, but one of my hands down favourite things about motherhood (and one I had seriously looked forward to even long before I actually got around to having children) is hosting magical and memorable birthday parties for my children.

I'm not going to lie – I probably get an even bigger kick out of this than the kids themselves, and spend an almost unspeakable amount of time on Pinterest, Etsy and Amazon while planning parties, and get such pleasure out of seeing it all come together according to theme and inspiration – knowing that I am (hopefully) doing something for them that they'll rememeber forever.

And I am not alone of this, by the looks of it.

This weekend, actress and founder of the Honest company, Jessica Alba, hosted the most amazing looking party for her youngest daughter, Haven, who turned six on August 13th.

The mum-of-two (who is, of course, currently expecting baby #3 with husband Cash Warren), went with a truly magical unicorn theme for the backyard bash – and shared the exclusive snaps this week with People.

Needless to say, we are all sorts of swooning over the images of what seems to have been an absolute fairytale of a party.

Speaking to People about party, the 36-year-old explains that she actually found the inspiration for the party from a pattern on some training pants her company, The Honest Company, makes.

"You can literally find inspo anywhere,” Alba tells People. "We used this pattern as a starting off point for the entire day.”

Half the fun, of course, was decorating for the party before it got started.

“Haven, Honor and I had so much fun decorating, from making ‘Baby Unicorn Fur’ cotton-candy labels to stuffing the unicorn piñata the night before,” Alba explains.

To Alba however, it it being able to create the kind of memories for her own children that her mother did for her that matters the most.

“I still remember the sleepover parties and rollerblading parties that my parents threw for me when I was little,” she says. “Even if we didn’t have money, my mom always knew how to make us feel so special."

(Photo credit Jonathan Davis exclusively for People)