Mum admits that she 'really really dislikes' role playing with her kids
'I deflect him into something else or suggest something I like.'

Can you relate to this?

Saying anything disparaging about motherhood can sometimes feel like blasphemy.

Parents who speak out about the parts of having kids they don't necessarily enjoy might quickly find themselves left out of coffee mornings and playdates, but should we instead applaud them for their honesty?

One mum has divided parents online for admitting that she doesn't enjoy playing certain things with her kids.

"I don’t know why but I really really dislike playing. The type where you play with figures or cars etc or even mums-and-dads style playing," the anonymous mother wrote on Mumsnet.

Mum admits that she doesn't like role playing with her kids

"I'll happily play other things with them like board games or hide and seek or do things with them like baking."

She said that she tries to change the subject when it come up.

"I feel guilty as my middle child always asks and I deflect him into something else or suggest something I like.


"Am I harming them by not playing with them?" she asked her fellow forum-users.

Some other Mumsnet mums advised her that should should make the effort to play along.

"You need to discover your inner child!," commented one.

"I don't particularly enjoy it, but I do it because my son loves it. I think it's important," wrote another.

Mum admits that she doesn't like role playing with her kids

But plenty of other mums admitted to hating role play too.

"I never did it, that's why I had two children, so they could play like this together!," shared one.

"I’m the same, I hate it so don’t do it. My DD (dear daughter) was very good at playing it herself and with her nursery friends and her imagination is always commented on so I don’t think she’s any worse for it!," said another.

"Hated it. Didn't do it. They're all adult now and I don't think I stunted their development."

"I don't do that either. I feel stupid. I do crafts though and things like hide and seek like you."

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