Mum's warning after son almost died from a breastfeeding complication 1 year ago

Mum's warning after son almost died from a breastfeeding complication

'It was not the case on any of my three babies'.

Deseray Valdez has warned other mums after her baby son almost died from dehydration, which she later learned was linked to her not producing enough milk during breastfeeding.

Deseray, who lives in Texas, spoke to a local TV station and explained how her little boy had jaundice, caused by dehydration.

Although he had passed his first check-up without any problems, it was after that his mother noticed his colouring 'was getting yellow'.

In conversation with KGRV, she explained how she brought her son to a local hospital and from there, he was admitted for dehydration.

Doctors explained to Deseray that she was only producing one mls of breastmilk milk and as a result, her infant was left starving and thirsty, unbeknownst to her.

From there, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit where they spent three days before the little boy began to turn the corner.

Speaking afterwards, Deseray said:

"You’re always told here that breastfeeding is best. You’re a mom, it’s natural that the milk is going to drop. You’re going to have enough milk to provide for your baby. It was not the case on any of my three babies."

Burlene Carrizales, a lactation consultant at Lactation Care Center RGV, spoke to the station and said that she has looked after children who have come in dehydrated.

"Many times they are weak or lethargic. You can imagine if you have a stomach virus and you’re mildly dehydrated. You are going to feel weak not have very much strength, babies are going to feel like that also".

She also explained how health professionals monitor babies when they are dehydrated.

"So by monitoring the babies wet and dirty diapers, by monitoring the baby’s weight gain, looking for signs of satiety after the baby nurses, that will show a mother that her baby is getting enough milk from the breast".

Other mums have experienced the same issue too but thankfully, the situation wasn't as serious as Deseray's little man.