Mum shocked after friend reviews her home as if it was a hotel...and only gives it two stars 11 months ago

Mum shocked after friend reviews her home as if it was a hotel...and only gives it two stars

And she only gave it two stars.

A mum has told of her shock after her friend asked to stay with her for a weekend - only to review the experience as if it were a hotel.

The woman explained that they had been really close friends during university and had kept in touch loosely over the years, but "different career choices, interests, distance and children" had led to them drifting apart.

One day, her friend messaged her out of the blue to ask about staying with them for a weekend - and while the mum felt "put out" as she didn't feel like hosting, she thought it would be nice to catch up.

In her post on Mumsnet, she continued:

"Anyway she stays we have dinner out one night. She’s spends a day visiting a popular attraction and we have a nice evening in with a selection of nibbles, pizza, cheese and wine etc.

"Uneventful, pleasant weekend I feel.

"Now I’ve just been browsing FB and looked on her page to see if she’d posted any pictures.

"To find she’d written quite a lengthy post about her stay. I don’t want to copy and paste, but basically it’s along the lines of, ‘had an okay weekend with [her username], staying at her place.

"'Found the breakfast underwhelming and conversation with her DH a bit dry.


"'The sleigh bed in the guest room was too high and I bumped on the wooden edge so often I have a bruise. The room was too small.’.....the WiFi speed was poor at best.'

"She goes on to critique the decor and waffles on a lot about the tourist attraction she visited. Then ends the post with ‘all in all i’d give her two stars’.

"Has she mistaken FB for trip advisor and my home for a hotel!?

"We don’t have many shared friends, but people have liked her bloody post. 13 people!

"Now the thing is she talked about coming back at the end of July for an exhibition and we made relatively firm plans about her return - [am I being unreasonable] to tell her to jog on?"

Most of the comments felt that the friend was being "cheeky" with her post, with others questioning if it was meant to be a huge joke.

Some of them, however, felt that it wasn't that big of a deal.

One commenter explained:

"Don't take it personally, some people are like that. I have a very good friend who I would never cook for as she's funny with food and needs to make her own. I'm not going to fall out with her over her quirky ways."