This poem for a mum returning to work after baby will make you shed a tear 6 months ago

This poem for a mum returning to work after baby will make you shed a tear

When it comes to going back to work after maternity leave, I consider myself extremely lucky to have had both my babies in Norway – meaning I had a full twelve months off (paid!) before I had to even think about leaving them for parts of the day to go to work.

But regardless of all my time off;  I was still an absolute mess the first day of creche for both of them. And why wouldn't I be? Going from being with my new babies pretty much 24/7, wiping every tear, catching every smile and making sure they were fed, changed, snuggled, safe and happy, to leaving them for hours every day is hard. And scary. And sad. And exciting too, at least a little (especially if you, like me, are returning to a job you love doing).If you have done it, returned to work after maternity leave, you will know exactly what I am talking about and know exactly how all those feelings are playing havoc with your poor heart.

Which is why this lovely poem by UK dad blogger Youthedaddy really had us weeping into our keyboards this week – as he so beautifully tried to give his wife a little boost as she was waving goodbye to maternity leave and returning to paid employment.

And if you are facing the last few days or weeks of maternity leave right now yourself, and feeling all the feelings about this next phase, just know this: You've got this, mama!

Here is You The Daddy's lovely poem:

"You’ve cared for me tirelessly,

since the day I popped out

and I’ve loved every minute,

of that, there’s no doubt.


But it’s time now to head back

to your nine to five;

I know it seems scary, but

I know you’ll survive.


Just think of the freedom

you’ll have, once you’re there,

with no nappies to change,

or me, pulling your hair.


Like drinking a cuppa

before it’s gone cold,

and dealing with grown ups

who do as they’re told.


Or grabbing a sandwich

when lunch hour hits,

without having to chop it

into small bite sized bits.


And wearing clean clothes

(that I’ve not yet stained),

while mingling with adults

who are all potty trained!


Plus, I’ll be just fine mum,

so don’t get distraught.

You’ve prepared me so well

with all that you’ve taught.


I won’t scream the place down;

I’ll smile on cue;

I’ll eat all my lunch up

and sleep when asked too.


Of course, I’ll miss you,

but the hours will fly by…

so be a brave mummy,

and try not to cry.


You’ve left me in safe hands.

It’ll be a right laugh!

I’ll fill you in later,

when you give me my bath…


It’s time to head off now,

or else you’ll be late!

Just try to enjoy it…

I know you’ll be great.


I see you’re still nervous

but, really, we’ll be alright.

So chin up, head down

and I’ll see you tonight!