Ever feel a bit deflated when you visit Santa? When your heart sinks, and it's really not the magical experience you'd hoped for...

Long queues suck the life out of the experience – for everyone – and there are some truly, dodgy-looking Santas out there (with even dodgier beards). All-in-all it does not make for the most magical experience.

Enter Luggwoods: THIS is the Santa visit we're all booking this year. It's like something out of the movies – a whole Christmas village and the most magical Santa experience you'll get in Ireland to date. Like wandering into The North Pole – it's nestled high up in the Dublin mountains surrounded by twinkling trees, with an enchanted train to take you there. Seriously cool.

The staff are all actors too, so from the minute you get there, you're met with an authentic, theatrical performance, complete with elves and reindeers for a whole 70 minutes. No queuing, no crappy plastic toys, a real Christmas wonderland. Sign. Us. Up.

This is what you get with  your ticket:

  • Train journey through the enchanted forest
  • Meet and greet The Grinch himself
  • Live experience through Santa's magical grotto
  • Received a handmade toy
  • Have a snowball fight in the North Pole room
  • See the most spectacular views across Dublin city

Adults, €12.50, children, €17.50, Family tickets from €44, book now at 


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