This mum's handy storage hack for old baby clothes is genius 3 months ago

This mum's handy storage hack for old baby clothes is genius

Nothing will make me cry like going through old baby- and kids' clothes, trying to decide what to keep and what to donate or, if worn out, bin.

Currently, my younger sister and myself have five young children between us, and neither of us are ready to say with 100 percent certainty that this is it – no more babies (confession: I secretly want like two more – at least). Anyway, what this means is that both our attics and are choc-a-block with baby- and kids' clothes that have been worn by either one of more of our joint clobber of kids, and passed back and forth, depending on who fit the item at a certain point in time.

The thing is; this is hard. So, so hard. Every time I catch a glimpse of something either of my kids wore when they were younger, especially if it is something they wore for some special occasion, I will weep with the memories of it all and get that familiar know in my stomach as I realise just how fast time whizzes by when you have young children.

This is no doubt the case for most of us. Which is why, no doubt, when TV star and mama-of-five, Joanna Gaines, recently shared a genius hack for how to store old baby clothes you want to keep forever, so many mums commented to say just how much they loved the idea.

In fact, this grade A parenting hack solves a major mama-stress point—just how to store all those sentimental baby clothes.

The star of Fixer Upper has shared her beautiful idea with her Instagram, and we think you’ll love it too.

“I finally packed my favourite baby clothes and shoes for each kid,” Joanna explained on Insta Stories.

I mean; just look at those sweet little parcels of precious memories!

We love how each one of her children’s keepsake clothes and bits are perfectly stored in their own little zip-lock bag complete with a handwritten note from mum: “I wrote them a note for later in case they are sentimental like their mama,” she added.

How cute – and practical – is this? Is this something you could imagine doing with the baby clothes you want to keep? Or have you got any other clever storage hacks to share with us?