This handy trick for cleaning up glitter spills is a life saver 1 month ago

This handy trick for cleaning up glitter spills is a life saver

A mum friend of mine famously once declared "glitter to be the herpes of the craft world."

And if your kids have ever used glitter in some sort of an arts project, I am sure you know exactly what she meant. I know I sure did.

Glitter, much as we understand how pretty it is and how tempting it is for kids to want to use it, is pretty much the work of the devil, and somehow, no matter how careful everyone is when using it, always ends up on every surface in your home once the tube is opened.

So if you have ever wept into your precious berber rug as you are frantically trying to remove glitter spills from its every corner, this mum hack is for you, my friend.

Are you ready? If you are having a bit of a glitter emergency in your house, get some playdough (it needs to be soft and new, hardened, old playdough won't work) and roll it over the spill. What you will see, is that the playdough will mop that glitter right up – far more effectively than any hoover or mop wil do.

How clever is that?!

And the best bit? The bonus is that you'll now be left with glittery playdough – and if that isn't a win-win, well, then we don't know what it!

Got any mum hacks we should know about? Do share!