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18th May 2015

13 things I miss since two became four…

Eimear Kelly

My greatest achievement is my family. I feel so lucky to have a great husband, a beautiful son and daughter. While I have a wonderful ‘gentleman’s’ family, as I turn on the kettle to make yet another coffee after yet another sleepless night, I reminisce about some of the things I miss before two became four…

1. Going to bed at 2am is because I’d a good night out and not because I was woken for a nappy change.

2. While I was never one to lie on in the mornings, I’d really like to have the option again (please!).

3. To wake up naturally in the morning, and preferably after 6.30am.

4. To have a feast of chocolate and crisps in the open, not hiding them in the kitchen cupboards and sneaking them when nobody’s looking.

5. On a sunny day to be able to stroll on down to my local pub and enjoy a relaxing drink in the Beer Garden.

6. To have a day without the routine of nap times, unless they are for me of course.

7. To wear jewellery without the fear of my earrings being pulled out or my necklace used to strangle me.

8. To put the TV remote down wherever I want, without the fear of it being lost, hidden or taken apart.

9. To watch a TV programme in one sitting, not four parts.

10. To get showered and dressed at my leisure. Oh, the novelty.

11. To enjoy (and drink) my mug of (hot) coffee in the morning.

12. To have a conversation with an adult without having to S-P-E-L-L W-O-R-D-S out.

13. To leave a room without being asked “Where are you going, mum?”

Eimear Kelly is a proud wife and mum of two. As a Stay at Home Mum, I’m kept busy watching our family grow. You can follow her blog