'F**king Tired Lockdown Mummy' is the most relatable book of all time 6 months ago

'F**king Tired Lockdown Mummy' is the most relatable book of all time

Guys, we have reached the half-way mark of 2020.

Which feels both insane (I mean; I am still processing March!), yet also somewhat great – in that; surely it can't get any worse?!

2020 has been the year that has not only seen us trying to survive a pandemic – but also, on top of that, homeschool our children, entertain the ones who aren't yet in school, keep on top of admin, do our own work from home, cook an absolutely insane amount of meals and, well, get through the days without literally dying from exhaustion.

What we're saying is that (other than key workers, obviously) mums have been the real most valuable players of 2020. And so while we have totally aced the first part of this year – we are also tired. Like, really f**king tired.

Which is why this new book is literally made for us.

F*cking tired lock-down mummy is a parody of the much-loved children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the brainchild of London artist Marti W.M. The hilarious book documents the misadventures (and diet) of a mum during a typical week of lockdown and honestly, it's beyond relatable. Marti recently posted the parody book on her Facebook account where it's received thousands of shares in less than 24 hours... so clearly we are all f**king tired mummies!

"This book was made for fun and to help me get out of art stagnation," Marti wrote, adding that she never expected the response to be so amazing. "I'm really happy that so many of you found this cheering and uplifting - that's why I made it in the first place."

In the book, the "F**king Tired Lockdown Mummy" stumbles through her week dealing with disaster after disaster - like a messy house and kids giving themselves haircuts - all while consuming all manner of random foods she finds in the fridge or scrapes off the kids' untouched dinner plates. At the end of the week, she crawls into a cocoon and sleeps from exhaustion.


Sound about right.

"A great memento of a wild time"

Thousand of tired AF lockdown mums all applauded Marti for her extremely relatable book, which everyone agreed deserved to be published. "This. Is. Brilliant. So relatable! I literally laughed and cried!"

"You have really captured the experience so many of shared," one remarked, with another pointing out they were especially fond of the "spiky, unshaven leg", adding it was great detail and "100 percent mum life!"

I mean; I don't know about you, but for me, this book literally depicts my life these past few months. "This is awesome!" one person leaving a comment said, adding, "Made me laugh out loud and damn near woke the child I fought to get to bed so I could have a glass of wine!"

Everyone was pushing for it to be published - something Marti said was a possibility if there was enough interest. "I so hope it gets printed," one said,  adding, "Would be a great memento of this wild time at home with the little ones." Plenty of others said they'd buy dozens for "all the other lockdown mummies".

Marti was overwhelmed with the response, saying "it's so special to see that you like my work. You are amazing, stay strong!"