This idea for getting rid of leftover Halloween sweets is seriously adorable 3 years ago

This idea for getting rid of leftover Halloween sweets is seriously adorable

I don't know about you, but at my house, come those first few days of November, there is always a lot of leftover candy knocking about.

Like; a lot. And that is despite the fact that on Halloween night, I tend to just let my sugar nazi guard down and let the kids enjoy this once-a-year sweets frenzy for all it's worth – even though I still think that actually collecting the sweets on their trick-or-treat round is more exciting than actually eating it.

However, come the next morning, we all have major sugar hangovers and yet the kitchen island is still heaving from leftover chocolates and lollies and jellies and everything and anything in between.


What to do now? I don't really want it in the house (knowing full well it might be myself more so than the kids who'll suffer from the late night munchies and actually end up scoffing it over the next few weeks). My fool-proof strategies usually involve literally tossing it in the bin, bit by bit, until the pile gets smaller and smaller—so subtly the kids don't even notice—or keeping just the best bits in a jar (for future bribing situations) and disposing of the rest.

However, I recently came across another mum's Halloween leftovers strategy – and it is so simple and genius I think you will all love it as much as I did.


Cara Vie ia a US mum to two young kids, and much as she loves Halloween (who doesn't?), she is, like us, not too keen on all those piles of leftover sweets come November 1st every year.

Her solution? Vie made up a story about an elf who collects all the extra Halloween sweets to take with her to North Pole – to help energize Santa's elves in the busy run-up to Christmas. Halloween Holly, as the elf is called, loves sweets (all elves do, of course) and will make sure all the other elves also get their share of the treats she brings back.

And guess what? Vie's kids loved the story and how they would actually help Santa's elves – and Vie herself was delighed to rid the house of excess sweets. In fact, the craft mums has now designed a book and special candy bowl to accompany the book, where kids can place their Halloween haul leftover they want to send to the North Pole.

Clever, no?

(And once the sweets are in the bowl, you can do with as you wish, whether you bin it, drop it around to a local nursing home for the residents or put it into nice jars and donate it to your kids' school's upcoming Christmas fete as raffle prices.)