Not every parent will agree with this mum's stomach bug hack 4 months ago

Not every parent will agree with this mum's stomach bug hack

Having just come out the other side of a bout of stomach flu (both kids, yes, it was grim) I think we can all agree that vomiting bugs are pretty much the worst part of parenting.

Especially when we are talking about vomit in the bed, vomit in the hallway, vomit on the new area rug I just ordered from Lulu & Georgia that I had lusted after for two years... (I actually cried at that particular incident).

But the other day I came across this genius tip in a Facebook post – and personally, I plan om giving this a go the next time stomach flu comes to town.

Mum blogger Maureen of Homemade Motherin just shared a parenting hack that some parents will try but we have to admit, it may not be for everyone.

Inspired by her hatred of cleaning up vomit, the mum-of-six(!) offered her children a dollar for every time they made it all the way to the toilet to get sick – which, coincidentally, also saved her a lot of cleaning.


"While much about parenting is gross and untidy, perhaps nothing is worse than cleaning up kid puke," Maureen writes. "The smell. The chunks. The splatter. And, they always seem to get it in the middle of the night, usually when I’m having the best dream ever. I love my kids, but I HATE their barf. Which is why I started the Barf Bucks program in our house. We pay the kids $1 when they make it to the toilet with a barf (vs doing it all over their beds/floor/wall/etc). It is amazing what a crisp one dollar bill can motivate a child to do. Last week, sweet Vivian cashed in. Cha-ching! She thinks she won the lottery, but I know that not having to clean up three pukes is truly priceless."

While it may for everyone, there are some plus points. You'll spare yourself a lot of cleaning and you're also teaching your kids to try and get sick inside the toilet bowl.

You might argue that bribery is not your parenting style, mama – but to that we say: Desperate times call for desperate measures.