Four crazy clever baby buys that are worth every cent for new parents 10 months ago

Four crazy clever baby buys that are worth every cent for new parents

There is no denying that life changes in every way when two become three...or four, or five.

Now, all of a sudden, everything is busier, messier, fuller, and more or less completely driven by the newest – and smallest – residents of the house, who, despite their tiny size, actually end up dictating how you now will be living in a big (BIG) way.

The best thing to do is just surrender and embrace the chaos because while obviously hectic, these days will no doubt turn out to be the most wonderful of your life.

And if you have just embarked on family life, here are four truly genius design buys that every parent needs to know about:

1. Make The Most Out Of Limited Space

If your living space is rather compact, or you just don't want to be tripping over baby-related products in your bathroom, this genius baby and toddler buy is for you.


The Stokke Flexi Bath can, when not in use, be collapsed and made small enough to fit into a drawer in your bathroom or just slid out of sight somewhere else.


2. Opt For Clever (And Kid-Friendly) Solutions

If you too are tired of little people shouting your name every time they want a drink of water – or are just fed up with all the dirty cups that no doubt accumulate throughout the day when you have little ones, you need the PhillUp.


These clever little cups are not only beautifully designed but cleverly hang up on your fridge, so now everyone can just help themselves – whenever they're thirsty.

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2. Invest In Design That Lasts

If there is one thing you will discover upon becoming a parent, it is just how quickly children grow. One minute they are immobile and tiny, the next they are racing around at lighting speed, flinging themselves off furniture and growing bigger in front of your very eyes.


What this means, of course, is that they outgrow things extremely quickly. And while there is little you can do about them needing the next size up in clothes, when it comes to other purchases, you can really make your money go further by buying children's furniture that will grow with your children.

When it comes to high chairs, few purchases will ever beat the iconic Stokke Tripp Trapp chair, which has won countless prizes for great design and will last your child from newborn up until adulthood. (We have two of these at our dining table at home, and they are frequently used by all of us, including myself and my husband).


4. Discover Design Solutions That Make Life Easier

If you hate having to move all your essentials (wallet, phone, sunglasses, you name it) between your regular handbag and your nappy bag on a daily basis, we have just discovered the most perfect product for you.

Say hello to TotesSavvy, an organizational insert that will let you turn any large tote into a fully functional changing bag.


What this means, of course, is that you don't even have to invest in a nappy bag – but can use your favourite handbag every day, and still always have all you need for baby on hand at all times.