The real, unfiltered difference between baby #1 and baby #2 – in 12 glorious Instagram snaps 3 weeks ago

The real, unfiltered difference between baby #1 and baby #2 – in 12 glorious Instagram snaps

When I was expecting my Baby #1, I viewed impending parenthood through rose-tinted glasses, days stretching out ahead of me like a glorious Pinterest board of cute babies, blissful family living and well-behaved children dressed in Instagram-worthy outfits. 

And while at least some parts of my experience of being a mother-of-one were vaguely like my pre-baby dreams, when Baby #2 arrived, let's just say that reality hit (hard), and I found myself constantly chasing my tail, forever feeling like my poor little boy was suffering a serious case of second child syndrome.

There is comfort in numbers, though, as I am pretty sure every parent with more than one child under their roof will relate.

Just check out the snaps below, proving that the struggle is very much real for the younger members of the family!

Baby #1: Every monthly photoshoot is a staged production

Baby #2: Who has time for photos once a month?!


Baby #1: Every small milestone is cause for a major celebration

Baby #2: They all start to blur together and it's much harder to keep track

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Baby #1: When the baby sleeps, you sleep



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Baby #2: When baby sleeps, mummy does damage control with toddler

Baby #1: You spent a lot of time (and money!) to ensure you purchased only the most educational toys


Baby #2: As long as it keeps them entertained, they can play with basically anything they want

Baby #1: Every day is a new opportunity to dress them in an adorable outfit

Lulu knows how to rock a mini skirt!

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Baby #2: You consider it a success if they're clothed

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Baby #1: Only organic baby food and Pinterest-inspired homemade recipes will pass through your baby's lips

Baby #2: When has chocolate chip cookies ever hurt anybody?!