"I am Santa Claus, the elves and the Christmas magic" – an open letter to all mums in December 8 months ago

"I am Santa Claus, the elves and the Christmas magic" – an open letter to all mums in December

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

There are lights everywhere, Xmas FM is back on the radio, the Christmas tree sellers have started cropping up, and my local shopping centre is preparing to welcome eager Christmas shoppers once again.

And don't get me wrong – I do love it. So, so much. I am a real holiday season person, equally excited every year to create amazing memories for my family, to watch all the Christmas movies, to bake the perfect gingerbread house, to have the perfect, perfect Christmas.

However, it is also a time of year where a lot of the invisible work, the behind-the-scenes stuff, if you will, falls squarely on mothers' shoulders. I am sure you, like me, look at your calendars for December and wonder how the heck you are going to get it all done. The presents, the Christmas cards, the organising, the shopping, the end-of-year ballet costumes, the nativity, the carol services and the collection for teachers' presents. The food and the festivities and the gingerbread house and the advent calendars and the tree and the freakin' elf on the shelf, that doesn't exactly move himself every night.

It's a lot. And somehow, we get it done – because mums, all year, but maybe especially this time a year, are freaking amazing. Just remember, mums – you matter too – and sometimes, it's OK not to say 'yes' to everything. Because Christmas will come and it will be lovely, even if you miss some parties, even if you send the cards in January, even if the elf takes a rest for a few nights.

I recently came across this letter, written by a mum (of course), and I think you will love it as much as I did: