Sick of moving the elf? 3 alternatives to still make December magical (no elf needed) 9 months ago

Sick of moving the elf? 3 alternatives to still make December magical (no elf needed)

Last night I had collapsed into bed when I was suddenly jolted awake again by the realisation that I had to go sort out our elves (three – we have three elves come to visit every December).

This is pretty much every night for the entire month of December, and while I do still love how excited my children get about finding out what the elves got up to and where they will find them this time, I am also the first to admit it's a pretty exhausting gig – and especially so in a month that just by its very nature is so manic busy anyway.

However, if you feel like your elf has become more chore than charming yuletide tradition, know that there are alternatives that will equally create Christmas magic, but comes with a whole lot less stress and debacle for parents.

So lower those shoulder, send you elf back to the North Pole (you can always tell the kids that Santa needed him for some very important work there!) and try one of these instead:

1. Random acts of kindness Christmas calendar

The Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar is a simple way to show kids how good it feels to do good for others. All you need is a blank calendar, and then each day can be customised based on your children's ages and what sorts of activities you think you and your family are up for.

alternative to elf on the shelf

2. Adopt a 'Reindeer in Here'

The reindeer is the first Christmas gift of the year from Santa. You don't have to hide him or come up with things to do – he is basically just a toy they get to play with and cuddle for the month of December – and then he leaves.

Bonus: He can go everywhere with your child: The playground, the store and to bed. Each night, the reindeer communicates your child’s wishes to Santa. On Christmas Eve, children put their reindeer under the tree so Santa can take him or her back to the North Pole, where they’ll live until early next December.

Another great detail: All the reindeer have one antler that is bigger than the other and the coinciding book reinforces a message that "being different is normal."

For more information on the 'Reindeer in Here', check this out.

alternative to elf on the shelf

3. Finding jingle bells

Searching for jingle bells left behind by elves – we love it, and this easy peasy Elf on the Shelf alternative doesn’t even require a daily commitment. And you can even take it outdoors.

The idea? Check it out:

"Everyone knows that Santa's elves peek in the windows to see who is being good and then report back to Santa. They scout out the rooftops to make sure the reindeer can land safely.  And sometimes, they may lose a bell during their nighttime excursions. 

It might fall off their little elf shoe or hat and get left behind. And kids will love listening for the jingling of bells in the evening and looking near the windows when they are outside. Sometimes the bells are tiny and gold, other times they are shiny blue or silver sparkles -- elves lose all types of bells. The BEST bells you can find are the large, gold bells -- those are from the reindeer harnesses and were probably lost during a test flight in the area."


alternative to elf on the shelf