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16th Mar 2016

These Identical Twins With Down Syndrome Are One In A Million

Katie Mythen-Lynch

The odds of identical twins being born with Down Syndrome are less than two in a million, so photographer Laura Duggleby knew she was about to meet two very special little girls when mum Nicole Taylor invited her to meet her new arrivals. 

The Kansas-based photographer wrote about her portrait photo shoot with the family on her website, in a heartwarming and uplifting post that has since gone viral.


Fifteen weeks into her pregnancy, mother-of-four Nicole, a hairstylist, discovered that both of the twins she was expecting would be born with Down Syndrome.

She was told she had two weeks to make a decision about whether to continue to carry the babies to term.

“I asked Nicole how she responded to the news initially, and naturally she said she cried and cried and consulted family for support.” writes Laura. “Thankfully her family has been a wonderful support system through this ordeal, especially her Grandmother who also has a child with Down Syndrome.”

With her family’s support and love, Nicole decided to proceed with her pregnancy and the Taylors welcomed their adorable baby girls, Blakeley and Brynnlee with open arms.


It won’t be an easy road. Both girls will need lots of care, most especially Brynnlee who was born with a hole in her heart and will need heart surgery when she’s older, but the family are ready and waiting to rise to the challenge.


Laura, who shared the experience to raise local awareness about some of the struggles Nicole’s little angels face, continued:

“What a privilege it was to be able to spend time with her as she truly taught me more about love, compassion and loyalty. These children are not burdens or outcasts, but rather beautiful gifts to this world. I truly hope more people can open their eyes to this and love them just the same!”

We hope she checks in for another Blakeley and Brynnlee photo shoot again soon!

Images: Laura Duggleby Photography